Upcoming events

SANS SEC487: Open source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis

PARIS Jan 21, 2022 – Feb 5, 2022

OSLO  Mar 28 – Apr 2, 2022

SANS SEC537: Practical Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Analysis and Automation

Various dates in 2021 and 2022 as well as On Demand

Aware Online OSINt training (dutch language)



Talks and Keynotes


Australian OSINT Symposium Sept 7-9 2021 

Disinformation in the Online Environment

Nico will step through the prolific disinformation propagating online and develop techniques for validation & verification in the OSINT environment


Blogs, Interviews & Podcasts

NOS op 3 Tech podcast – Nico Dekens | Afghanistan situation and OSINT (DUTCH language)  NOS op 3 Tech Podcast

Episode 63 of the Infosec & OSINT Show – Nico Dekens | Leveraging Telegram in OSINT  https://breachsense.io/podcast

OSINT Summit 2021 Talk “Haters g0nna hate”- Gathering and Analyzing hate using OSINT  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmJto8Cz9no

OSINTcurious blog: Using RESET for better OSINT https://osintcurio.us/2021/02/09/using-reset-for-better-osint/

Video interview: Long (Dutch spoken) interview about OSINT at Zolder Sessions https://zolder.io/2020/12/04/20-nico-dekens/

OSINT tool sharing: Short write up about tools and techniques to find information on and about Discord https://github.com/Dutchosintguy/OSINT-Discord-resources 

News Article: Article in Financieel dagblad about online cybercrime insurances https://fd.nl/futures/1355876/independer-start-consumentenverzekering-tegen-cybercriminaliteit cached copy of artice: https://archive.is/zE0ku

Free Webinar: SANS@MIC – Leveraging Telegram for OSINT purposes. This talk is all about Telegram and how the social media app can be used to gather Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). It will show what Telegram is about, how to spot the difference between bots, groups and users. The talk will also cover how to find telegram groups on the clear-web. Attendees will get useful and practical tips on how to scrape and extract data from telegram users and groups. View the webinar here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_aXQYq2l6U

Blog Post Vicarious trauma and OSINT – a practical guide June 2020

Free Webinar: Getting The Most Out Of Google
There is more to Google than meets the eye and by using a few proven techniques you can get better quality results while wasting less time. Join us for a chat with well known OSINT instructor Nico Dekens (@dutch_osintguy) as he shares his favorite techniques for getting the most out of the world’s most popular search engine. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUVFeXSdkO8 June 2020

SANS @MIC TalkUsing the OSINT Mind-State for Better Online Investigations. In recent years, public interest in open-source intelligence gathering and analysis has increased exponentially. As this interest has grown, more and more OSINT investigations have been relying on tools and automation, leaving the analysis process behind. In this talk, Nico will show why you should consider OSINT a thought process. The “OSINT state of mind” is key for keeping track of your investigative steps, picking the right tools and sources, analyzing the data, and reporting to generate actionable intelligence. Watch the Recording here May 2020

Blog post “Stop Sharing Start Caring” An Open Source Intelligence perspective on the online sharing behavior of humans as effect of COVID19 pandemic to enable better Security Awareness. April 2020

Layer8 Osint Podcast Listen to Episode 14 here: Dutch_Osintguy – Spot the Jihadi PODCAST

10 minute (video) tip: Viewing LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously, Feb 2020

The Physical and the Digital of Open Source Intelligence – Recorded Future Podcast episode 142 PODCAST

Google dorks, google search tips & tricks, Dec 2019

De Bellingcat methode, radio interview for NPO Radio 1 De Nieuws BV, Sept 2019 RADIO

Tech against terrorism podcast : The power and responsibility of Open Source Intelligence, oct 28 2019 PODCAST

Muting the Twitter algorithm and using basic search operators for better OSINT research, Aug 2019 BLOG

Basic OPSEC tips & Tricks for OSINT researchers, Apr 2019 BLOG

Using OSINT for your personal threat model, Jan 2019 BLOG

OUCH! Newsletter : Search yourself online, Jan 2019 NEWSLETTER

Clicking shit for OSINT purposes, Dec 2018 BLOG

Scraping and Visualizing Twitter mentions, Jun 2018 BLOG

Osint is a State of Mind, Jan 2018 BLOG

Radical Engagement: Hypothesising a radical multi-platform journey , July 2016 ACADEMIC RESEARCH


Past EvenTS


Sans OSINT summit February 18th 2020 in Alexandria VA (USA) keynote & The OSINTcurious project panel (agenda)

Sans Open Source Intelligence gathering & analysis (SEC487) course 19-24 February 2020 (Alexandria VA, United States)

FREE WEBINAR : Operations Security (OPSEC) tradecraft tips for online Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research. Watch the webinar here

Keynote “Wat is OSINT”  Tweakers XL privacy & Security Summit nov 02 2019 [in Dutch only]

Keynote OSINT basics @ Infosecurity Netherlands oct 30 & 31 2019

Keynote OSINT @ Dutch Cyber Warfare Community XXI event “A Night at the Military” Oct 24

Fighting Fake News @ Lowlands Festival, Aug 2019 PANEL DISCUSSION

Sans Amsterdam Bonus session : Operations Security (OPSEC) tradecraft tips for online Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research, May 2019 KEYNOTE

Prodicom Netwerkclub : Open Source Intelligence 101 and your digital fingerprint, Apr 2019 KEYNOTE

European Security Awareness Summit LONDON : Workshop – Open Source Intelligence, Nov 2018 KEYNOTE WORKSHOP